A recent Forbes article states – “The bottom line is that investing in securing perimeters leaves the most popular attack vector of all unprotected, which are privileged credentials.” We could not agree more.

Some of the solutions proposed in the article, however, do not prevent privileged credential attacks – they just detect attacks, maybe, once they have occurred. At Cord3, we think it is important for organizations to recognize that, particularly for privileged credential attacks, the most valuable thing they can do is to directly protect their data from attack, not just detect attacks after they occur.

The best solution is to encrypt data with keys that privileged administrators (and users, and applications!) do not have access to, which is exactly what Cord3 provides! That way, an internal or external attacker using privileged credentials can only get access to strongly encrypted data. And there’s no way they will ever be able to brute-force attack the strong, 256-bit, random keys used by Cord3’s solutions. If you’re not sure why that’s the case, click here.