High Privilege Admin Accounts and MSSPs

Every organization faces the threat of administrators (and hackers with administrator credentials) using their high privilege accounts to access sensitive data.

This is especially risky when outsourcing to MSSPs that have full system and data access as privileged administrators. Because of their access to privileged administrator accounts for many customers, MSSPs have become the most targeted entities for cybersecurity attacks.

Cord3 protects data from MSSPs and other privileged administrators, so organizations no longer have to trust MSSPs or their internal IT and application administrators with access to sensitive data.

Cord3 transparently encrypts data using keys inaccessible to administrators, users, and applications, and then checks every time to see whether or not the user is authorized to access data – a “zero-trust for data” approach.

With Cord3, administrator system access no longer equals data access, greatly reducing the risk of using MSSPs. Learn more!