Every organization must secure access to sensitive data.  Because administrators are trusted insiders with high privilege, no effective solution has been available to prevent their privileges from being hijacked or misused to access or steal sensitive data.

Until now. Welcome to Cord3.

Cord3 transparently encrypts data using keys that are inaccessible to administrators, users, and applications. Our platform then checks to see whether users – including administrators – are authorized to access data, enabling compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

The result is a zero trust security scheme for data. And it works in the Cloud or on-premise. And for structured or unstructured data. Without any endpoint software.

Cord3 complements solutions like privileged access management and user behavioral analytics. And where complex technologies like DLP require long-term, unwieldy projects just to classify data, data protection begins immediately after installing Cord3.

Cord3 delivers data protection, even from trusted administrators – or hackers posing as administrators – with high privilege.